(we have 2 body-action vibration units available side by side in a private area)
10 minutes body toning                                                      £3.00
Unlimited Package                                                                 £25
(1 Month unlimited usage)
Frequent User Package                                                      £30
(10 sessions + 2 free)
this can be used with the uv tanning and toning 
Vibration Toning on the Body Action is a non-strenuous, low impact method of toning that takes only 10 minutes, yet achieves better results than conventional training without all the effort. Vibration Toning is the ideal tool for people who want more from their sessions - from the professional athlete to those with physical limitations.

Toning sessions offer all the following benefits in just 10 minutes without placing high loads on the tendons and joints:
Upper Body Toning
Lower Body Toning
Fat reduction
Increased muscle strength
Improved flexibility
Reduced appearance of cellulite
Increased range of motion
Increased toxin removal
Increased bone density
Reduced lower back pain
Enhanced pain reduction

Can I lose weight using the Toning Equipment?

Our toning equipment will help you to improve posture and will help increase muscle mass. As muscle mass is increased, the basal metabolic rate is increased and so more calories are used, even whilst you rest!
Can the Toning Equipment really deliver what it promises?
The toning equipment does EVERYTHING that we claim it does. All of our claims are backed up by clinical trials that have been carried out by third parties,

Who is the Body Action suitable for?

Our experience has shown that there is no stereotypical user of our toning equipment. Male and female, younger and older, the Body Action toning equipment can provide benefits being sought by the majority of people, from those people looking to tone up their bodies, to professional athletes looking to add variety to their workouts!

How easy is it to use the Equipment?

The equipment is operated by a simple touch button control. There are preset programs for the beginner, which can be easily overridden by the simple touch of a button for those that have used toning equipment before.

Do Body Action users need to wear special clothing?

No, loose fitting leisure suits are suitable clothing for using the toning equipment

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