Holistic Room


Hieroglyphs within Pyramid of Giza clearly show practice of Reflexology. In the early 1900's William Fitzgerald formulated today's principles of zone therapy. Reflex zones in the feet produce a body map. This natural therapy holistically treats the symptoms and causes of the symptoms for the whole body. Stress, aches and pains etc are often relieved.

45 minute £25.00

Indian Head Massage:

From the writings of medical text dating 500BC, involving face, neck, scalp and shoulder massage with blended Essential Oils. Shoulder and neck massage aids general relaxation and reduces muscular pain and fatigue. Scalp massage encourages hair growth, facial massage helps to relieve sinus problems, eyestrain, headache, insomnia, etc.

45 minute £22.00

Thermo-Auricular Therapy:

From the ancient Hopi people, the Pueblo tribe, and the Fire Clan. Ear Candling is traditionally used to cleanse and harmonise the energy fields of your individual Aura. Now recognised as a therapy to help reduce excessive ear wax, sinus problems, sore throats, migraine, vertigo and more.

45 minute £22.00
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